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Last Tuesday, I taught the first class of this summer’s Awareness Through Movement® summer camp, The Human Frame. I call the lesson that I presented:


Like all the lessons in this series of ATM® lessons done in a doorway, this is a relatively recent creation. Though it’s new, it relies on the same learning logic as the archetypical lessons that Moshe Feldenkrais invented. I’ve been developing, learning from, and working with this contemporary score for the last couple of years; this past spring I taught it in several different classes. Last week’s version definitely benefited from my long apprenticeship with it.

Putting this lesson together, playing with it in my personal practice, preparing it for “prime time,” and presenting it has been such a valuable educational experience for me, both as a student of Moshe’s method and as an ATM teacher. 

For one, I am excited about how THINGS ARE LOOKING UP brings classic Feldenkraisian “moves” and methods into a new playing field. I’m intrigued by being upright in the context of the doorway opens new avenues for learning. 

I also can’t help but notice that there’s something about doing lessons upright in a doorway that changes how you take the learning into your life. Developing your ability to orient to your three-dimensional, gravitational environment is the key to unlocking your potential to wrest control from the autopilot . . . and improving your coordination, dexterity, and balance.

Indeed, I’m so excited that I’d like to share this lesson with you. That’s why I am making the entire 58 minutes and 46 seconds recording of the ATM available for free.

Please click here to either download the file for later use or, if you prefer, stream it immediately.

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