Lesson Locator Landing Page

The Lesson Locator is a digital card catalog  of the movement lessons taught by Moshe Feldenkrais

What’s the name of the lesson where you’re . . . ?

You know the frustration, don’t you?

You remember something about a lesson you did, some aspect like the position you were in or the theme, and you want to find that lesson again. Or in preparing a new series, you’re looking for a fresh lesson that fits your exact requirements? Or you’re looking for similar lessons to expand your teaching curriculum? Or your personal practice?

How do we find our way through the hundreds of lessons that Moshe taught?

The Lesson Locator is the answer. The Lesson Locator is the digital card catalog of Dr. Feldenkrais’ movement lessons. You can search the Locator’s database for one or more lessons by any keyword or phrase in the lesson’s title or anywhere in the transcript of any Alexander Yanai or Peter Brook/Bouffes du Nord lesson. You can also search for a lesson by its source, its number, or, to a limited degree, by the student’s position.

The Lesson Locator is both the most complete database of Feldenkrais’ lessons and also a work in progress. Sponsored by Mind in Motion (MIM), the Locator is a worldwide project that is being built by the community of teachers for our own use and for the use of everyone practicing Moshe’s method in their personal lives.

We’re pleased – and more than just a bit relieved – to inform you that the first version of the Lesson Locator is in working order and ready to be used. If you have an account at www.mindinmotion-online.com (MIMO) that has been updated since January of this year, all you need to do is log into your account to access the Locator.

(To make sure the site is working right as we expand, we are adding new members incrementally. You can get an invitation from someone who is already a member of the MIM community or by letting us know your email address so that we can let you know when you’re next in line to get access to the Locator . . . and other goodies as well.)

Our Swedish colleague, Eva Laser, generously donated the position information from the database she’s been constructing. If you look at the choices presented under “Select position,” you will find the list of positions and lesson attributes that she created. We’ve included these options in the Locator to give you a hint of what’s possible.

So you know, we are working on updates for the current version as we also begin preparing for Version 2.0, which will be developed via crowd sourcing. We’ll be asking teachers and trainees to help catalog the lessons so that we can create more varied, useful ways to search for the lessons we’re looking for and to delve deeper into those lessons (as well as the ones we already know).

For now, we are asking you to take the Lesson Locator for a test drive and then let us know what you think. You can do that by responding to our short survey about what kinds of searches you would like to be able to make. Once you log into your account and navigate to the Locator, you’ll find the survey in the Help section. You will also find a virtual suggestion box for your comments and feedback there. We’re looking forward to learning from you how we can continue to improve MIMO and the Lesson Locator.

And now, please click here to get a look at the Lesson Locator and click here to learn more about the project.