The Human Frame Recordings

The times they are changin’
— Bob Dylan

How do you find your way in turbulent, uncertain times?

Reestablish a sense of balance? 

And access your inbuilt resilience?

One answer to these pertinent questions lies in the relationship between the dynamic design of your musculoskeletal framework design and the workings of your nervous system, especially as a three-dimensional, gravitational navigation system.

The Human Frame uses the Feldenkrais Method® of neurophysical learning to guide you in re-tuning the relationship between coordination, equilibrium, and orientation. The curriculum consists of ten Awareness Through Movement® classes that harness your brain’s inherent ability to learn and change.

Every one of these unique, leading-edge lessons is done in a doorway. This series can help you:

  • Uncover your blind spots.

  • Increase your movement vocabulary.

  • Reinforce your resilience.

  • Improve your flexibility, balance, and coordination.

  • Discover how to stand more easily and walk better.

It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next.
We can choose to walk through it,
dragging the carcasses of our prejudice
and hatred, our avarice, our data banks
and dead ideas, our dead rivers and
smoky skies behind us.

Or we can walk through lightly,
with little luggage,
ready to imagine another world.
And ready to fight for it.
Arundhati Roy

The Human Frame is about more than using an ordinary doorway as a tool for extraordinary change. It is also about bringing what you’ll discover during each lesson into your everyday life.

To make what you learn relevant and instantly applicable, each class focuses on a specific aspect of everyday actions such as standing, sitting, or walking. To help you take your learning beyond the lesson, you also receive practical, easy-to-do suggestions of what to do on your own.

The challenge is in the moment;
the time is always now.
– James Baldwin

Because of the near impossibility of finding a room full of doorways, this course could never have happened in the standard classroom setting. This year’s move to online learning was Larry Goldfarb’s chance to offer these lessons in his almost annual Awareness Through Movement summer camp.

Now that the The Human Frame recordings are available now, you’ll be able to do these lessons on your own. The only equipment you’ll need is:  

  • A doorway that is wide enough to stand in comfortably — and narrow enough to touch with your elbows and forearms without strain or effort.

  • A chair with a back and without arms (or wheels).

The Human Frame consists of high-quality recordings of live classes. All told, there ten original ATM® lessons: 

  1. THINGS ARE LOOKING UP [ 58 minutes : 45 seconds ]
  2. ANATOMY OF A SHRUG [ 52:51 ]
  3. LEANING IN [ 43:32 ]
  6. LEAN ON ME [ 52:03 ]
  9. A TWISTED STEP [ 47:03 & Bonus version of 01:08:52 ]

When you purchase this product, you’ll have the choice to either stream the lessons directly from the MIMO website or download them to the device of your choice.  Including the bonus version of Lesson 9, the THF package consists of:

11 Awareness Through Movement® lessons
[Audio files]


Frequently Asked Questions

The lessons in The Human Frame (THF) were inspired many years ago when a student asked for an easy way to refresh what he’d learned during his individual Feldenkrais lesson with Larry. He was emphatic: this student wanted something he could without lying on the floor, that is to say, something he could do anywhere. Looking around the room, Larry had a flash of inspiration and created the first-ever doorway mini-lesson.

It turned out that this student was taken by working in the doorframe. He was so enthralled that he often came back to it and, thereby, benefited enormously, which Larry couldn’t help but notice. Curious about how else the doorway could facilitate learning, Larry began to investigate on his own. That’s when he started modifying classic Awareness Through Movement® lessons; at first, working those classes that you do in standing into the doorway, and then he got more adventurous, adapting ATM done while lying down or sitting to being upright in the threshold.

It didn’t take long for Larry to appreciate the advantages of the doorway, like how it offers two — or three — surfaces you can stand, press, and lean on at the same time and how it provides an external spatial reference (and its effects on balance and orientation). An intrepid explorer and acclaimed composer of original lessons, he began to create brand new ATMs. He worked on his own before putting his creations to the test with others. Following neck surgery (November 2019) and cancer treatment (winter and spring 2020), Larry used these lessons to address the post-op movement disturbances, numbness, muscle imbalances, and resulting compensations. They also played a central role in restoring his sense of well-being, something that became all the more important when the pandemic hit. It was then that he taught the first iteration of this series, called Threshold to Transformation. Taking everything he learned teaching that first series and all that came before, Larry then reworked the lessons, up-to-dating and refining them, creating a new one or two to fill the gaps that only became apparent after the initial iteration, and developing THF.

These are recordings of a live class made with an excellent microphone.

When you purchase The Human Frame, the files become available in the Library section of the Mind in Motion Online (MIMO) website.

You will also be able to access them through My Files.

These files can be streamed directly from the MIM Online Library, or you can download them to a device of your choice. You receive lifetime access to these files.

All told, there are ten original ATM® lessons. Including the bonus version of Lesson 9, the THF package consists of 11 Awareness Through Movement® lessons [Audio MP3 files].

When you purchase this digital product, you’ll have the choice to either stream the lessons directly from the MIMO website or download them to the device of your choice.

The lessons run from 58 minutes + 45 seconds to 45 minutes + 27 seconds.

One suggestion is to take the lessons on as a weekly project, doing one of them each week. You can do the entire ATM at once to start with, but only if you’re up for it.

No need to push yourself, however. None. 

Do on as much, go only as far as you’re up to, as far as easy. Then, the next time, start from the beginning again, proceed without ambition, be curious about the path of least resistance, be perhaps a bit less ambitious, rest before it becomes a necessity, take your time. Really. No joke. 

No pain. No strain. More gain.

Take a small section of the lesson — a snack-sized morsel from the entire meal — say five to seven minutes at the most, maybe just three or four minutes — to come back once or twice a day for several days. As part of your morning routine or, following what Feldenkrais suggested (and contemporary science has validated), in the evening before bed, return to this small slice of the lesson. Attend to how you start each action. Can you start slowly? Smoothly? Without “zooming out the driveway?

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There is no video of this course. The Human Frame is only available as a digital audio product via the Mind in Motion Online website.

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