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What counts

I saw this stone nestled in a lawn of drought-resistant plants. Someone had painted on it, “Count the rainbows, not the storms.” 

Considering the background, I couldn’t help but wonder,  “What about the droughts?”

Do you count earthquakes? Did you consider, I don’t know, maybe, pandemics? 

Is my mood influencing my reaction? 

Oh heck, count them all if you like.

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Muscle memory

The breathtaking contemporary sci-fi flick, Oxygen, features French actress Mélanie Laurent’s exceptional performance. As the research scientist Elizabeth Hanson, Laurent awakens enclosed in a high-tech medical chamber barely bigger than a coffin without memory of who she is or why she’s there. Her only company is the computerized Medical Interface Liaison Officer, or M.I.L.O., that answers questions literally without so much as an inference or helpful hint. MILO also does what she asks but exclusively within absolute limits that become clear as the film unfolds.

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The gift of giving

Who even knew what supply chain bottlenecks and delays were? 

As if standing in line at the Post Office was fun before masking was required?

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Helping people help others

The first time I heard about it, I had been dining and drinking with Feldenkrais colleagues in a small restaurant at the ocean’s edge on one of the Canary Islands. Rather than get together in Stockholm in the deep dark of winter, the Swedish group voted to meet for our fourth and final time in the warm sun; one of the participant’s sisters was a travel agent, and she found us a sweet deal. 

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It’s not me

There’s this infamous sentence, most often uttered when gracefully ending a relationship, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Thing is, that isn’t always the case.

Take what happens when I’m giving an online Feldenkrais lesson. 

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Why 7

“Why 7”

That was the entire message. 

As is the case with some folks’ texts these days, there was no punctuation. Just three letters, a space, and a number.

Even so, I had a good idea of what the sender meant. That’s because there is one question I get asked a lot:

“Why do all your prices end in the number seven.”

My answer?

“Why not?”

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So many choices

This morning’s correspondence brought the following question:


I am looking through the Awareness Through Movement programs you offer to figure out which one to give a friend as a gift. There are so many choices!

How do I decide?”

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The joy of learning

There’s nothing quite like it. How you feel at the end of a Feldenkrais lesson: renewed, more at home in your body, capable. 

Ever since I stood up and walked around after my first class, I marvel at the surprising shifts each ATM brings. It was the summer I turned 18, which means I’d been wearing glasses already for 11 years.

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Not so long ago, I found myself staring at my autumnal avocado toast, pondering its ingredients.

For the base, I had sliced Walnut Bread from the Companion Bakery and toasted them. I’m not the only one who likes this hearty, solid, no-frills wholewheat loaf because they ran out at the farmers market the other day. I had such a hankering for it that I felt compelled to travel clear across town to get one. I even called ahead to make sure that they would have a loaf on hand.

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Why transcripts?

Recently, we added lesson transcripts of the lessons done in a doorway (The Human Frame) to improve posture, balance, and gait, and the ones about enhancing how you breathe (It’s a Matter of Life and Breath). You now have the option to purchase the audio recordings, the transcriptions, or both.

Making the documents is the result of an experiment made possible by the progress in the previously laborious process of transcribing. If you’ve created a transcript, you know what I’m talking about, right? Unless you’re incredibly good at it and have a hassle-free way to stop and start the recording, this takes a lot of time.

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