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Finding Balance on One Leg

Summer Camp 2021

Resting consolidates learning

Short periods of rest at regular intervals happen in almost every Feldenkrais® class. These pauses are not provided for the recuperation but, instead, for reflection and integration.

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A friend and colleague is recovering from the lingering effects of “the VID.” When I checked in with him last week, I was glad to learn that he’s feeling better and, especially, that his ability to taste and smell is coming back.

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On the edge

Earlier this spring, when designing a new course, Finding Balance, I ran into a problem.

I’d started where I usually begin: wading into my collection of transcripts, recordings, books, and notes. It wasn’t difficult to find relevant material because so many of the classes Moshe Feldenkrais taught address the theme. Whether the lessons are about going from lying to sitting or learning to stand on one leg, they make the abstract concrete and the difficult doable.

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No place

Last Wednesday was sunny and warm. After running errands, I parked my bike in the driveway to drop things off before heading out for a lazy late afternoon ride around the harbor. 

When I came back out, only a few minutes later . . . could it be? I looked around. My bike wasn’t where I’d left or no place nearby.

Poof! It was GONE!

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Thank you to everyone who responded to my previous blog post, Not a Happy Camper. Though I lacked the oomph to respond to your good wishes immediately, their mood-elevating effect did manage to make it through my post-anesthesia fog.

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Not a happy camper

In a classic Awareness Through Movement titles, BREATHING, Moshe Feldenkrais says:

Place your hands down deep in that area where every decent Jew has a hernia.”

Well, I guess that means it’s official that I am a decent Jew. 

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The feedback factor

Of late, there’s been a renewed interest among somanauts — explorers of the somatic domain — in Buckminster Fuller’s concept of tensegrity. Moving beyond inert physical structures to propose a 21st-century take on anatomy, the biotensegrity model asks us to rethink connective tissue’s role in functional integrity.  

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Breathing room

In 2019, I asked the participants in my ongoing postgraduate program for Functional Integrators, MASTERING THE METHOD, what subject they would like to address in our next cycle of three modules. Over our years working together, we had already explored topics ranging from “Length and Support” to “Walking Well.” 

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Mind in Motion: The Bodywise Project - Breathe the way you were meant to Breathe the way you were meant to

Don’t hold your breath.


You need to take a deep breath.


I need a breath of fresh air.


I can’t breathe.


What a year it’s been for breathing.

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Mind in Motion: The Bodywise Project - Foot on the Head Foot on the head

Lesson number eight in Awareness Through Movement, the book Moshe Feldenkrais wrote to introduce his method to the world, is called PERFECTING THE SELF-IMAGE. In the comprehensive collection of his teaching, the Alexander Yanai transcripts, you will find a different version with the less poetic and somewhat more daunting title of FOOT ON THE HEAD. 

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