Back Into Action

Have you ever met anyone who is strong and not that smart?

All too often, strengthening is not enough to recover from back injuries, prevent them, and optimize the movement of your spine. Whether you’re injured or your back is a problem waiting to happen, getting stronger can just make dangerous, maladapted ways of moving more ingrained and injury more likely.

It turns that that after awhile, the way you move to minimize pain becomes part of the problem. Limiting your motion makes injury more likely, which only serves to make your movement even more limited. The only way out of this vicious circle is to improve your coordination.

Developed as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program, Back in Action program is designed to teach you optimal spinal movement, replacing inefficient and dangerous patterns with moving the way nature meant. Improving your coordination is the key to moving safely, easily, and comfortably. These Feldenkrais lessons are devised to help you revise the movement patterns caused by bad posture and ruined by back injury.

Developed in the late 1980s as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program, BIA includes both audio recordings and a handbook, making it easy to understand, do, and benefit from the lessons.

Table of Contents:

  1. Comfortable Back, Part 1
  2. Comfortable Back, Part 2
  3. Turning With Ease, Part 1
  4. Turning With Ease, Part 2
  5. Shoulder & Hip Circles, Part 1
  6. Shoulder & Hip Circles, Part 2
  7. Cat & Camel, Part 1
  8. Cat & Camel, Part 2
  9. Arching your Back, Part 1
  10. Arching your Back, Part 2
  11. Pelvic Compass, Part 1
  12. Pelvic Compass, Part 2

Studio quality, live workshop audio-only recordings
12 Feldenkrais Method® ATM® lessons
MP3 files you can download or stream
PDF ebook: illustrated lesson transcripts 

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