Understanding the Board from Both Sides

In October 2019, Larry Goldfarb introduced the Baltimore Feldenkrais® Teacher Training to the iconic Functional Integration® lesson known as THE ARTIFICIAL FLOOR. 

Over five days of ATM®, talks, demonstrations, practice sessions, debriefs, and discussions, the trainees explored the lesson’s score, getting to know its inner workings, learning logic, and compositional design. As I guided them step-by-careful step through the score, they developed the requisite sensitivity and hands-on techniques in conjunction with refining their self-use. The aim was to learn the FI® from the inside out by cultivating the ability to feeland move — the student through the board.

The curriculum investigated the following fundamental questions in such a way as to develop an appreciation of the lesson from inside out:

  • What did Feldenkrais mean when he referred to a standing leg?
    What are the whole body implications of this idea?

  • What, specifically, does the teacher look at and feel for?
    How do you make sense of what you notice?
    How do you develop that hidden sense of reaching further than you touch?
    What did Feldenkrais mean when he referred to a standing leg?
    What are the whole body implications of this idea?
    How is it related to working with and through the board?  

  • What, specifically, does the teacher look at and feel for?
    How do you make sense of what you notice?
    How do you develop that hidden sense of reaching further than you touch?
    How do you learn to feel through the board? 
  • And then, of course, there’s knowing how to respond:
    How do you determine the options and understand their implications, where they most likely lead?? 
  • How does the teacher move so that actions like lifting the student’s leg become easy and educational? 

  • What’s the difference between using the board as a learning aide and making it the lesson’s throughline, between it being a teaching tactic and serving as the unifying theme?

  • How do you come to understand THE ARTIFICIAL FLOOR from both sides of the board?

We’re making this program available because, whether you’re new to this lesson or an experienced teacher, you’ll find the insights and understanding needed to deliver this lesson most effectively and beneficially. 

MAKING THE CONNECTION gives you lifetime access to the recordings of this training segment, including:

23 talks, demonstrations, debriefs, and discussions
[21 Video files, 2 Audio files]

7 Awareness Through Movement® lessons
[Audio files]

These are recordings of a live event and there were few tech trip-ups that happened during the training segment. So we only have audio files of the two talks, there’s a video close-up that’s out of focus, and the mic was far away from me once or twice. 

To make sure that the files are as ready-for primetime — that, at the very least, the sound quality is up to snuff — they have been professionally edited. Though the production values may be more homemade than Hollywood, the content is eminently understandable, lucid, and illuminating.

With all that’s happening in the world and how it’s impacting each of us in such diverse ways, we want to make the entire package — all the Awareness Through Movement® lessons, in-depth talks, detailed demos, and revealing dialogues — available to the worldwide Feldenkrais community in an equitable but uncomplicated fashion. Since we couldn’t figure out how to do that, we are asking you to determine what to pay. 

Please pay according to what you can afford. It is entirely up to you. We certainly appreciate your support of the time and effort we invest in making this program and others available and all we do to foster communities of learners.

This offer is available until midnight PST on 1 May 2021.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the ATM lessons in MTC are based on the PILLOWS AND SWINGS series, which is found in the Alexander Yanai collection, which starts with AY 360. Larry also draws on the STANDING OSCILLATIONS lesson, an example of which is found in the first lesson in the Awareness Through Movement book.

Yes, Larry gives Dot, one of the trainees the entire lesson from start to go.

These are recordings of a live event. There are a few imperfections: two of Larry’s presentations are available only as audio recordings, there’s a video close-up of a demonstration that’s out of focus, and a remote mic picks up Larry’s voice once or twice.
That being said, the recordings have been professionally edited to optimize the sound quality.

After you purchase MAKING THE CONNECTION, the files will be available in the Library section of the Mind in Motion Online (MIMO) website. You will also be able to access them through My Files

The audio and video files can be streamed directly from MIMO; you may also download the audio files as well as the PDf of the complete program index. To protect the privacy of the participants in the course and to prevent piracy, the video files are not downloadable.

You receive lifetime access to these files.

You receive access to 30 files: 

You receive access to 31 files:
9 audio files — 7 of which are ATM lessons
21 video files
1 PDF (Index of the course including summaries of talks)

The complete list of the contents of the course follows:

Understanding the Board from Both Sides

Baltimore Training

October 2019


TAFRBWI 0001V Larry introduces himself 
— Talk [12 min: 07 sec]

 TAFRBWI 0002A Burning Questions
— Q&A [26:08]

— ATM+Lab [19:23]

TAFRBWI 0004V Creating moments of co-discovery
— Talk and Lab [07:24]

TAFRBWI 0005V Creating an environment for learning
— Talk [03:44]

— ATM [47:59]

— ATM+Lab [48:27]


TAFRBWI 0008V Table intelligence
— Talk  [12:07]

— ATM+Talk [07:22]

TAFRBWI 0010V Initiating contact
— Demo+lab [09:32]

TAFRBWI 0011A Sensations of support
— Talk+discussion [25:38]
Audio only

TAFRBWI 0012V Preparing the student for the return of the habit
— Talk [14:52]

TAFRBWI 0013V How feedback systems work
— Talk [38:36]

TAFRBWI 0014V The big picture and the details
— Demo [17:48]
Section of this video is not quite in focus.


TAFRBWI 0015A Learning together 
— Talk+demo [43:42]
Audio only

TAFRBWI 0016A PILLOWS AND SWINGS – Straightening and bending 
— ATM [50:02]

TAFRBWI 0017V Understanding standing
— Talk [6:06]


TAFRBWI 0018V One of Moshe’s joke – plus a bit 
—  Talk [04:22]

TAFRBWI 0019V Reaching toward the thoracic spine
— Demo + Lab [06:59]

TAFRBWI 0020V Explore the AF score
— Demo [09:34]

TAFRBWI 0021V The long and winding road
— Talk [05:45]

TAFRBWI 0022V Finding the standing leg
— Demo+talk [14:52]


TAFRBWI 0023V The ring of the first rib
— Demo [14:54]

— ATM+talk [09:34]

TAFRBWI 0025V Standing and pushing.
— Lab+Discussion [13:13]

TAFRBWI 0026V When to give an artificial floor lesson
— Talk [07:36]

TAFRBWI 0027V Giving Dot the FI
— Demo [49:28]

TAFRBWI 0028V Brief comments on Dot’s FI
— Talk [02:09]

— ATM [46:33]

TAFRBWI 0030V Closing comments 
— Talk [09:07]

Please check the answer to the question above to find the lengths —  in minutes and seconds — of each recording. 

There, you’ll find that the ATMs range from a short exploration to the expected, more or less standard, length; the talks and discussions run from 4 minutes and some seconds to 40-some minutes.

The camera didn’t follow me or any of the other faculty members around as the trainees worked with each other in learning labs and practice sessions. Not surprisingly, much of the most important learnings happens during these experiential processes, which is why I gave ample time to them.

MAKING THE CONNECTION is not the record of a performance of learning. Consider this material as a manual, one that is made to reveal what’s behind and inside this remarkable FI. Whether you use the material on your own, with a study buddy, or in a practice group, please use MTC a roadmap for learning. 

MTC is not a collection of armchair thought experiments, some kind of disembodied philosophy. It provides an experiential unfolding, an exploration of the lesson from the teacher’s perspective and the student’s experience.

The best way to use materials is, first, in manners that support your preferred learning strategies and, then, to find ways to challenge them, to expand your ways of learning.

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