Not leaving on a jet plane

My bags are packed, and I’m ready to go.

This coming Saturday, I planned to get on a jet plane to teach for the first time in two years. I already ordered and received the masks needed for traveling and the home antibody test required to ease reentry. For over a month, I’ve been looking forward to traveling, working with colleagues in person finally, and seeing my friends. I have dreamt of the dishes I want to order at my favorite restaurants, the stores I wanted to visit to get presents, and museums I hadn’t seen in so long. I researched what I had to do to get a vaccine passport in Germany — you can’t get into restaurants or public places, including workshop venues, without one. 

The latest news, however, hasn’t been good. 

There’s a looming staffing crisis in ICUs. Bavaria, where we were to start an ARTIFICIAL FLOOR advanced training next Wednesday, is experiencing a severe fourth wave. Last week, the authorities canceled the fantastic Munich Christmas market. You now need a COVID pass to ride public transportation. 

The participants are concerned about the current situation and, understandably, worried that they could worsen. This morning, we had no choice but to postpone the workshop.

It’s one of those days when the light at the end of the tunnel turns out to be a train. As I sit at my desking writing this, waves of emotion wash over me. I feel sorely disappointed to have this first foray delayed, extremely frustrated by how this pandemic continues to grind on, somewhat relieved not to have to deal with the risk, and more than a little annoyed to cancel all the carefully made arrangements.

We are rescheduling this course, the first of three WALKING WELL modules, for May of next year. Fingers crossed that things will be better by then.

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  1. Oh dear Larino…I am so very sorry! Truly tuly disappointing. You made a wise decision to cancel though, no question. I’m sure you’ll find a way to make some sweet lemonade from these sour lemons, though. Love and care, Chrish

  2. I was all set to go back to Texas Dec 1 when I fx my wrist. I know some of how you feel. We are all rather like orphans who have been turned out of the orphanage….we remember our buddies, but we aren’t allowed to see them.
    I’m so very grateful for Zoom…and you.

    1. Yes, my friends are truly wonderful and I miss them greatly.

      When I think about consulting Sherlock Holmes for a solution, I wonder what problem we’d ask him to solve. The pandemic? Travel restrictions? The toll of being so far from those we love?

  3. Hi Larry, I just like to express my gratitude once more here for your lesson in democracy in the Festival which became my first F class ever. It’s genius how a repetition of those tiny micro-movements restores the connection between our body parts and through this – with the reality. Thank you!

    1. Hello Olga –
      How cool that my “lesson in democracy” I taught for the Feldenkrais Festival was your first F class!
      I like the way you put it:
      _It’s genius how a repetition of these tiny micro-movements restores the connection between our body parts and, through this, with reality._
      And the lessons are so accessible. It is a superb self-help approach, isn’t it?

  4. Hej,

    I really really feel with you, ….here in Bremen we have a little better situation because 80% of the population here are vaccinated …so I could do these days a workshop in presence at the Alfred Wegener Institut (research institution for better climate) …but enjoying it “like hell” my colleague and me also thought ” may be it was the first and the last time….at the same time” …so Larry, please take care, there will be better times…..I am sure.
    Heartful greetings

    1. Hello Ute –
      Wonderful to know you’re able to give a live workshop in Bremen – and at such a worthy place.
      Yes, there will be better times. I’m sure, too, though I’ve no idea how close or far they are from now.
      Hugs from home,