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At the same time

At the same time - MIMO Blog Larry Goldfarb

Behold them before you pass them by.
In fleeting moments are enduring truths.
— Stonepeace

It’s easy to find soundtracks, movies, and videos of the heroes and villains of yesteryear and yesterday. We have letters, photographs, and voicemail messages from those no longer with us. While these mementos and reminders are wonderful, none of them will bring anyone back.

We comfort ourselves with the knowledge that if we don’t catch the broadcast or make it to the performance, even if we miss the replay, we will be able to review the recording later. Making a date to catch a show — even if only with yourself, or simply showing up for class has been replaced with the convenience of on-demand entertainment and education. 

Yes, some of us, perhaps even many, are happy to listen to what was said or watch it after it’s over. Even so, we know it’s not the same as experiencing what happens together. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a concert, celebration, or calamity; sharing the moment is what counts. Nor does it matter whether you’re on location or witnessing what happens from afar. Even when we’re not in the same place, as long as we participate at the same time, that’s what matters. 

Have you noticed how all the concert albums, TED talk videos, workshop recordings, podcasts, transcripts, and other forms of documentation haven’t replaced interest in being present on the actual occasion? If anything, they make you want to attend the live event, don’t they?

During the last week of October, I am returning to Austin, Texas, to teach at Castle Hill Fitness. This time around, I’m teaching Made for Moving on Saturday, 29 October 2022, and Finding The Midline on Sunday, the 30th. 

The last time I was there, two workshops I taught sold out. That’s why, this time around, you have the option to attend these half-day programs online. 

Here’s the catch: I have created way more recordings over the past few years than I’ve had the time to edit. I do not want to add to the backlog; otherwise, I will never be able to catch up. That’s why the recordings available will not be part of the tuition or available any time soon.  

That means if you cannot make it . . . well, I hope you will be able to join me at another time or that you will be happy with the recordings of previous courses

The upcoming October workshops are just for those who can and will be present in Austin or online. They are precious moments that will live on in what you learn and how that endures in your future actions.

If the timing works, will you join us?

I used a photo by Vlad Fonsark that I found on as the basis for the image of the sandcastle at the top of today’s blog.

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