Peculiar Power of Prayer 2nd Edition 3D Participation Agreement

The Peculiar Power of Prayer
Second Edition

An exclusive benefit for MIMO members who have a Become a Better Teacher account:

  • As a participant in the second edition of THE PECULIAR POWER OF PRAYER (PPP2 3D):

    ◌ I understand that the tuition is for course, whether or not I attend all the online ATMs and Q&A sessions or access the recordings, and grant that there will be no credits or refunds for any missed classes.

    ◌ I commit to conducting myself in accordance with the professional ethical guidelines and standards of practice established by the Feldenkrais Guild of North America (FGNA) or the professional Feldenkrais teaching organization of my country of residence or elsewhere. In case the country where I reside has no professional organization and that I am not a member of such an organization in another country, I pledge to abide by the standards of practice and ethical guidelines of the FGNA. No matter what the case, I will act in a manner congruent with the values of our work: respecting each person’s learning process, supporting everyone’s ability to be their own authority, and building a better future together.

    ◌ I guarantee that I will honor the copyright and intellectual property rights of written or recorded materials made available during the training by not copying, transcribing, or otherwise reproducing them in any way.

    ◌ I acknowledge that any unauthorized use of these materials is the basis for legal action and financial penalties for intellectual property rights violations.

    ◌ I grant Mind In Motion the right to use all audio and video recordings made during the training and also relinquish all future commercial rights to these recordings and images.Furthermore, I agree that I will be solely and entirely responsible for any and all costs associated with complying with any request I make anytime now or in the future to remove my image or voice from all or any part of these multimedia materials.

    ◌ I promise to never create any clandestine private video or audio recordings of any part whatsoever of the training.

    ◌ I promise not to promote or sell any product, service, or event to any other PPP2 participant at any time during class time.Any request for an exception to any of this prohibitions must be made immediately upon enrollment. In the rare situation when an exemption is granted, it will only be considered valid if you have obtained the express written permission from Mind in Motion prior to the start of the course.

    ◌ I agree that should any of the sections of this contract be deemed unenforceable, the rest of the agreement will still apply.

    ◌ Finally, I confirm that this agreement is made under and shall operate under the laws of the State of California in the United States of America.