How you can support our work


Mind in Motion is dedicated to the future of Moshe’s method. We are committed to making educational materials, digital products, and in-person, online, and blended courses — available for our growing international community of learners and teachers.

There’s no way that I can do this alone.

Mind in Motion is made possible by the amazing group of folks who work with and support each other. Trey, Lisa, Jade, Gifford, and I have been building our team over the past several years as we’re creating a platform that brings together the latest advances in technology with state of the art approaches to learning. So that we can continue to make these precious resources available and also keep developing the projects we’ve started while I’m dealing with my cancer treatment, I’m asking for your help and support.

While we continue to offer three levels of free membership — all of which provide access to the Lesson Locator and to the electronic version of my book,  ARTICULATING CHANGES — we are also making it possible for you to support our work either by signing up for a year’s subscription at $5 or $25 per month or, if you prefer, by selecting the amount of your choice.

The funds you contribute will be used to pay salaries and bills so that the team will have jobs for the duration . . . and so that I’ll have one when I’ve recovered, recuperated, and recharged.

Whether you decide to sign up for a volunteer subscription or not, please read my blog. I plan to continue to write about Moshe’s method, coordination coaching, cybernetics, and so much more. (I’ll also be keeping you posted on my progress via my blog.) And, if you like what you read, please share the blog with others.

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