What counts

I saw this stone nestled in a lawn of drought-resistant plants. Someone had painted on it, “Count the rainbows, not the storms.” 

Considering the background, I couldn’t help but wonder,  “What about the droughts?”

Do you count earthquakes? Did you consider, I don’t know, maybe, pandemics? 

Is my mood influencing my reaction? 

Oh heck, count them all if you like.

I have a good friend who sees the dark cloud to every silver lining. My preference runs the opposite way. 

Thanks to our friendship, I learned to pause, to remember those who share Mr. Ripley’s dastardly talents. I appreciate the upside of seeing the downside. I know to take a breath mid-elation to ask if, just maybe, this might, just this once, if it could be too good to be true.

Upsides and down. Tragedy and triumph. Advances and backlashes. Shitty days in paradise. There isn’t one without the other. 

Though less desirable than what you intend or wish for, side-effects and unintended consequences come down to seriously taking into account if they are just as likely an outcome.

Here is one aspect that I consider crucial: Do you include the rainbows? Do they count?

I’m asking because what counts matters.

Today is the first day of 2022.

Everyone on the Mind in Motion team wishes you the joy of making what matters count.

Your thoughts?
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  1. Welcome to my world of inherent contradictions – the “Quantum Physics” of the mind (apologies to those of you who really understand quantum physics). It makes me very aware how arbitrary, in spite of all the justifying maneuvers, my choices are. nevertheless, I wish all of us a year worth living!!

  2. You, Larry, your team and the community you’ve created are rainbows for me! Thank you and may 2022 bring you travel, European restaurants, and in-person training and connection with far-away friends. Thanks for your friendship and support!