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There is a better way

There is a better way featured image

What do you do when you need directions? Or when you need to look up a definition?

Gone are the days of reaching for the dictionary or a map.

It’s so easy to type a question into a web browser. Those inquiries — millions a day the world over — generate income for the company that provides the software, profits from endangering our privacy, and depletes precious energy resources in the process.

There is a better way to find what you’re looking for! A public benefit alternative to the better-known corporate search engines, Ecosia is definitely different. This up-and-coming service:

  • Uses profits to plant trees where they’re most needed on the planet. 

  • Operates transparently, publishing its financials online every month. 

  • Doesn’t sell users’ personal data.

  • Produces more solar energy than it needs to power searches.

And, just to be clear, I am not talking about a few trees here and there. 

Thanks to more than 70 projects in 35-plus countries, Ecosia has planted over 151,978,000 trees — as of when I was writing this post. That’s nearly 152 million trees absorbing and storing carbon. 

It’s easy to switch to this planet-friendly option. You can update your browser’s default search engine or download the Ecosia website. Learn more on their website:

I used a photo by Tobias Aepppli from as the basis for the image at the top of today’s blog.

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  1. Dear Larry
    what a wonderful hint. Thanks. Just installed it and hope to contribute to more trees where ever they are needed….
    Thanks from Switzerland

  2. ECOSIA is a complete imposture, green washing among others….
    Any research will give you AMAZON as a first answer
    Just try with “Feldenkrais” …
    And anyway Internet is just one of the main source of concrete spreading
    (this is french english sorry)

    1. Hello Ivan –
      Thanks to your thought-provoking response, I did further research. I found a wide spread of opinions about their service, including one Reddit post that was very critical.
      I learned that they use Microsoft’s Bing to do searches, so they are supporting a big corporate search engine, one that isn’t environmentally oriented.
      Their promotional materials is misleading – the only way they make money is when a user clicks on an ad, which isn’t clear from their promo.
      They are planting trees and doing so in what some folks say is a well-considered, responsible fashion. Others point out the total number of trees they have planted equal the land mass of the Caribbean island of Santa Lucia.
      They do operate as a socially responsible B-corp — the first company in Germany to receive this accreditation — and, by publishing the financial report regularly, they provide a level of transparency that no other search engine can match.
      So are they “putting lipstick on a pig” or, given the available options, until something better comes along — are they the better, choice?
      I encourage you, dear readers, to your own research . . . using which ever search engine you choose.

  3. Thanks so much Larry. I haven’t heard of this one. I use DuckDuckGo to get away from the usual browsers. Looking into adding this. Now someone would just figure out how to make cryptocurrency without all the waste…