The gift of giving

Who even knew what supply chain bottlenecks and delays were? 

As if standing in line at the Post Office was fun before masking was required?

It’s probably too late to get most packages delivered by Christmas unless you ship using an express delivery service. But, Jiminy cricket, regular mailing rates are more than expensive enough, aren’t they? 

All these reasons are why we are making it easy to share the joy of learning the Feldenkrais way this holiday season. 

Not only did we add a Give as gift button to most all of the items available in the Mind in Motion Shop, but we are extending our 1/3 off sale on all gifts until 23 December 2021.

That’s right. 

You don’t have to wait in line, warp anything thing up, send them out, worry about where it gets there or not. Info about how to access your present will be delivered directly to your giftee’s email. 

Plus, you give yourself the gift of saving with each purchase you make.

Simply select a program to share, click on the link to give it as a gift, fill out the form to let us know who the giftee is and when you want your gift to arrive (the 21st or the 24th of this month), complete the purchase, and we’ll take it from there.

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    1. Thanks Annie –
      Glad you appreciated what I wrote. Just took a look at Lisa G’s book on memory – looks interesting! My nightstand is stacked with books I’m reading and even more that I’m looking forward to reading. I promised myself I wouldn’t get any new books . . . for a while anyway! 😉