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The summer of 2000 was the first time I offered a five-day Awareness Through Movement Summer Camp.

Back then, there weren’t many options available. You could choose between taking a weekly class or signing up for a four-year professional training program. From my experience becoming a teacher, observing companions go through the process, and eventually training others, I learned firsthand how beneficial it is to do a couple of Feldenkrais lessons a day for several days in a row.  One day builds on the next, and a deeper, longer-lasting learning accrues over time. I knew I needed to make this cumulative effect accessible to my students.

Summer seemed like the perfect time for this kind of intensive course.* I chose Cultivating Movement Intelligence as the theme for that first iteration 23 years ago. Since then, these almost annual workshops have addressed many topics, including The Peculiar Power of Prayer, The Martial Arts of Daily Life, and Walking Tall. To construct each summer program, I combine well-known, classic classes with obscure and unappreciated ones. Because I am curious about applying Moshe’s methodology and expanding the existing body of work, I also compose new lessons and series. For instance, The Human Frame consists of classes about standing, walking, and balance, all of which you do in a doorway (instead of lying down or sitting).

Summer Camp 2022 is about ATMs that alter your perspective and change how you live in your skin. It is not just that moving in an easy, biomechanically better way leads to feeling better later. Something happens when you learn a new skill or improve an existing one, when you connect with The Power Within, that innate capacity to change and improve yourself. 

This summer’s lessons show how to harness the process of becoming more competent and coordinated to feel capable and hopeful, to create your own somatic shift. Over five consecutive half-day classes in July, you learn how to modify your neurophysiology, alter your attitude, and improve your outlook.  

To learn more — and sign up — please click here. Early registration ends July 5th.          

* The longer format workshop was so fun and effective that I also offered winter workshops, such as Shedding the Skin of the Past Year, as a reflective and transformative way to start the new year. 

If you live south of the equator, you are still welcome to participate in The Power Within. (Please click on the link to find out about country-specific reduced rates.)

I used a photo from Bullwinkle’s Travels blog about the place where I did my doctoral work (Champaign, Illinois) as the basis for the image above.

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