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Stormy weather

Stormy weather - Mind in Motion

Bad weather makes for good photography.
― Ansel Adams

I took the photo above four days ago a few blocks from where I live. Huge waves batter the Walton lighthouse and swallow up Seabright beach.

It’s been a wild and wooly time at the western edge of North America since the start of the new year. One storm after another has dumped incredible amounts of rain, leading to overflowing creeks and rivers, raging high tides, and destructive mudslides. The downpours are wreaking havoc on the city and county of Santa Cruz. 

The New York Times covered the devastation in depth. This morning’s NPR news broadcast was interrupted by a warning of dangerous, life-threatening flash floods and informing us of possible evacuation orders. 

This isn’t over yet. There’s another storm on the way and at least one more coming afterward.

Thank you to everyone who emailed, texted, and called to check-in.

Please know that I am okay. My neighborhood is on high ground, so we are faring well. My thoughts are with everyone dealing with the developing crises and the coming weeks and months of recovery.

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  1. Glad of the high ground!! And for alerting me so I know to check on my friend who also lives in Santa Cruz. Most-sweetest wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come to Atlanta. I’ll cook for you (but I’m guessing that you’re a better cook than I am. I’ll do prep? ‘-)
    Be safe!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for letting us know you are safe and well Larry.
    I’ve been thinking of you and wondering and now am relieved to hear this.
    It’s pretty wet where we are as well, but nothing like what we see of Santa’s Cruz.

  3. Gosh Larry I had no idea about the weather out there. So glad you are ok. Seems like your location is perfect. We had a very destructive storm recently here in Maine. I’m far enough from the water to be safe too.
    Much love and continued safekeeping and protection to you❤️

    1. Thank you so much, Aliza.
      Yes, I managed to get out of California for a week of teaching in Texas. It was a close call because the highway out of town was closed due to landslides two of the three days before I left!

    1. Thank you, Karen.
      You were spot on – I managed to get to escape to Austin for a week. Just my luck – I flew out on the day the FAA computer system crashed. Thankfully, I made it to Texas.