So many choices


I am looking through the Awareness Through Movement programs you offer to figure out which one to give a friend as a gift. There are so many choices!

How do I decide?”

In case you’ve been wondering the same thing, here’s my response:

My suggestion is that you decide according to your friend’s interests.  

  • If you want to introduce your friend to ATM, then Limber Limbs and Moving Beyond Physical Fitness would be the way to go. Both of these collections are short, the lessons are pretty easy to understand and do, and the application to daily life is straightforward.

  • On the other hand, if they are familiar with Feldenkrais lessons and own a foam roller, then Finding Midline would be wonderful.

  • If your pal is experienced and wants to get more out of the method, I suggest Take It With You.

  • If they’re interested in how children learn to move or if they want to improve how they get around, I recommend Moving Around.

  • If your friend has young children, works with them, or is curious about understanding developmental learning better, Foundations of Learning is the best choice.

  • If they’re a martial artist, performing artist, or athlete — or if they’re interested in the roots of Moshe’s method — I recommend Moti Nativ’s Feldenkrais and the Martial Arts

  • If this person is interested in moving beyond whatever is holding them back, Love Your Weakness and Shedding the Skin of the Past Year are excellent options.

  • Finally, The Peculiar Power of Prayer and the newest and most popular series, It’s a Matter of Life and Breath, offer innovative ways to improve flexibility, develop comfort, and change how they deal with the stresses of life.

Click on the Give as gift button on a  digital product in the Mind in Motion Shop. Fill out the form to let us know who the giftee is and when you want your gift to arrive, complete the purchase, and we’ll take it from there.

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Your thoughts?
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