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A funny thing that happens when you do a Feldenkrais lesson.

When persistent problems fade, new options appear, and you undergo a fundamental somatic shift in how you move, something else occurs. It’s not just that you breathe easier and feel relieved, taller, more grounded, more present. 

When you harness your innate ability to improve, you realize you can help yourself. You discover you can change yourself. This embodied knowledge changes your outlook. You feel capable. You are more hopeful.

Awareness Through Movement classes offer more than a reliable means to improve your coordination, balance, flexibility, and body awareness; they give you a way to connect to the power within, to your ability to adjust your attitude.

Over five consecutive days, Feldenkrais Summer Camp reveals how to tap into your innate ability to modify your neurophysiology and shift your internal state. Drawing on martial arts, yoga, neurophysical development, and other somatic methods, this year’s carefully curated Awareness Through Movement lessons offer a bodywise way to:

  • Engage the spinal engine.

  • Move from your center.

  • Find steadfast strength.

  • Recover your equilibrium.

  • Breathe easier.

  • Get grounded. 

  • Feel at home in yourself.

If you are ready to unlock The Power Within, please join us.

I used a photo by Brett Jordan from pexels.com as the basis for the image at the top of today’s blog.

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