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The fifth Amsterdam International Feldenkrais Teacher Training (AIFTT V) is honored to be the first Feldenkrais training ever to become an Approved Training Program by the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA).

ISMETA is a not-for-profit trade organization that promotes the highest level of standards and professionalism in the field of somatic movement education and therapy through advocacy and maintaining a registry of highly qualified professional practitioners and Training Programs.

ISMETA is committed to:

  1. Establishing a forum for the common goals of our individual and organizational members;
  2. Developing and upholding standards of excellence in education, training, and practice;
  3. Increasing professional and public awareness of the techniques, methods, goals, and benefits of the practices of somatic movement education and therapy;
  4. Encouraging the integration of somatic movement education and therapy into the fields of health and human services, the performing arts, wellness education, and complementary and alternative healthcare;
  5. Representing ISMETA registered practitioners in professional, governmental, political, legal and other arenas;
  6. Protecting ISMETA registered members’ right to practice;
  7. Promoting and supporting research in the field and the dissemination of results in professional publications and meetings.