Stop war in Ukraine

Yuri Fedin and I have never met in person, nor have we had a real-time conversation on the phone or even via Zoom. We have exchanged emails over the past few years. 

When I saw the videos of the movable skeletons he devised, it was as if he had made a long-time dream come true. I have long wished for a way to show others how we, as Feldenkrais teachers, see force moving through the body. Many years ago, John Chester, a retired orthopedic surgeon and colleague, had the brilliant idea. He replaced some of the metal connectors that hold a plastic skeleton together with strong elastic cords. His meticulously executed innovation made it possible to show, for the first time, something resembling the realistic motion of the shoulder girdles, hands, hip joints, and elsewhere. 

Yuri went further, perfecting the idea to create a 21st-century biotensegrity model of a truly functional skeleton. Using an intricate and precise 40 plus meter network of bungee cords threaded through 600 carefully drilled holes, each of which has been polished from both sides, the handcrafted Boneman pro illustrates optimal force transmission through human musculoskeletal structure. To show what I mean, here is a video of how a push through the pelvis reaches the head:

Like Moshe Feldenkrais, Yuri is Ukrainian.

Yesterday, I wrote to let him know he has been on my mind and in my heart since Russia started moving troops into place. Rather than tell you what he said, I will let him speak for himself:

Dear Larry

Thank you for your words of encouragement!

We stayed in the city, to defend our land, our family, our fellow countrymen. We are all in territorial defense. We will shoot from every window; we will burn with bottles of gasoline and oil those who have come to kill us and our children. We will die here, but we’re not going anywhere. This is our land, our people. We will never forget our brothers, this war, this betrayal! It disgusts me to think and speak in Russian. And I am not the only one . . .

When we see your support . . . tears come to our eyes. Thank the world for this!!!! 

Ukraine war support - water donations

It’s quiet now; Kiev and Kharkiv are on fire. We are kicking the crap out of the Russian accuser. We will die, but we will not surrender. Our guys on the front line are heroes! We are collecting water, food, clothes, medicine, weapons for the guys. Everyone and everyone is doing what they can. Today the paratroopers couldn’t make it to the sea because of the storm. God is watching out for us.

Peaceful skies to you and your loved ones!

May God protect you!

Sincerely, Yuri

Credit where credit is due: 

  • The image of the child holding the sign anti-war sign is based on a photo by Matti from Pexels.

  • The photo of water distribution came directly from Yuri.

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  1. Oh Larry thank you so much for connecting us with this amazing person. Our hearts, prayers and any other way we can support are there for the beautiful Ukrainians! We are all amazed at the heroes and sacrifices that people are making and we are in awe. I’m glad they know the support that is in the world right now, and if you get another chance to tell him how proud we are to be there even if it’s in spirit to such a noble country and its patriots.

  2. Thank you, Larry, for sharing your friend, your relationship with him, and his words of courage and resistance. Please share ways we can support these fellow humans in their efforts (other than purchasing a Boneman Pro, which is very tempting). I want to inhabit a world filled with people like your friend. I want my children and grandchildren to inherit such a world.

  3. Thank you Larry for sharing your heart and Feldenkrais expertise.
    I am a relative newcomer to the Method and wish that I saw the Boneman video early in my training… it clarifies so much…
    I look forward to watching more of the videos on the site as I complete your lessons too.
    Peace for all

    1. Thank you, Joyce.
      So glad you found the Boneman videos clarifying.
      I am interested in how you’re finding the doorway lessons. (Wouldn’t it be cool to see the Boneman model go through the motions of any of those Human Frame lessons?) If you have a moment, please drop me a line.
      As Yuri said:
      Peaceful skies to you and your loved ones!

  4. Thank you Larry for sharing this. As you I have corresponded by email with Yuri and ordered one of his skeletons. I will will send him a message of support and solidarity!
    With a heavy heart and sadness during this most senseless of aggressions.
    With gratitude and warmest regards,

  5. I thought about “Boneman” based in Odessa only a few days ago. I have long admired his work. Thanks for your post. May all the Ukrainian people know there is heartfelt support for them, even if our governments are slow. God save 🇺🇦 . I have huge admiration for their courageous fortitude and President