Footboard follow-up

Last weekend I followed up with the folks enrolled in THE ARTIFICIAL FLOOR that Feldenkrais Institute of Vienna sponsored. We had already met for a five-day online advanced training last year; we got together again — a month or so later — to review the lesson, address the questions that had come up, refine the participant’s understanding, and create stepping stones for continued learning. 

We started with the participants sharing their experiences. Then I gathered the top questions, some of which I answered directly and others I responded to indirectly, through the activities they engaged in during the review sessions. The curriculum included a live FI demo, a combined ATM/guided FI about improving self-use “behind the board,” and an excerpt from an ARTIFICIAL FLOOR demo in the Boston MASTERING THE METHOD program a couple of years back.

I showed this part of the video because Deborah Lotus, a graduate of Moshe’s San Francisco training program, was kind enough to offer her wisdom to what I was teaching. In terms of historical context and personal experience, her contributions provided depth to the lesson that I couldn’t have offered alone. Rather than reporting what she said, thanks to June LaPointe, who’d filmed the session, I could let Deborah speak for herself.

In case you’re curious, here’s the link to a three-minute clip from the demo.

Though I only had time to share a section of the video during our review session, I figured it could be beneficial for the participants to see the entire FI demonstration. Not only did Deborah have more to say, but the questions the participants asked gave me the chance to clarify the crucial — and oft-misunderstood — aspects of using the footboard. Plus, the demo provides an exceptional overview and review of the lesson score.   

That’s why I decided to make the entire file available to them.

Then I got to thinking about people who purchased MAKING THE CONNECTION — the recordings of me teaching the ARTIFICIAL FLOOR in the current Baltimore Feldenkrais Teacher Training.  Given their interest in this FI, it seemed reasonable that these folks might also be interested in seeing this demo. So we have made it available to them as well — at no extra charge.  

If you didn’t get a chance to purchase MAKING THE CONNECTION to encourage ongoing learning and support professional development during these difficult times, we have extended our Name your price offer until the first of May 2021.

Please note: This program is available exclusively to Feldenkrais teachers and trainees. 

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