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HARMONIC MOVEMENT (The Richard Ehrman Memorial Feldenkrais Series)

April 2 at 6:00 am to 8:00 pm

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The Richard Ehrman Memorial Feldenkrais Series returns spring semester 2019!


Coordination, like harmony, is more than static structure or intensity of effort. Just like music depends on a framework tonal relationships and framework to create resonance, skillful movements rely on the coherence built into our neurophysical nature.

In this mini-workshop, you'll:

Find out how your nervous system orchestrates your action.

Realize that what you've already learned — through education, training, and in response to illness and injury — is the greatest obstacle to improving.

Discover your untapped capacity for more expert, efficient, and enjoyable action.

Transcend the limits that have held you back from reaching your true potential.

About the presenter:
Over the past 30+ years movement scientist, multimedia author, coordination coach, and Feldenkrais teacher, Larry Goldfarb has taught in music conservatories and dance programs from Stockholm to Syracuse, worked with individual performers, orchestras and dance companies from Honolulu to Hamburg.


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