Cans on the ceiling

My recent blog post about Perry Mason received all kinds of responses, including a few from folks who shared my childhood memories of watching the show when we were sick and had to stay home from school. 

My Texan colleague Patrick Seibert recounted a description of folks in an Awareness Through Movement® class so delightful that I just have to pass on. It turns out that one of the episodes of the 1980s revival of this iconic series was being filmed on the University of Toronto campus concurrently with his Feldenkrais® Teacher Training. Barbara Hale was there, reprising her role as Perry Mason’s insightful confidential secretary. 

One day as she was coming out of her trailer, Patrick overheard Ms. Hale responding to what was going on in the training room by saying, “I don’t know what they’re doing but it looks like they’re all trying to pee in cans on the ceiling.”

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  1. Another funny story–I was teaching rolling fists and getting into the Errol Flynn–and told the class the title at that point.—-Two 20 somethings in the class said “Who is Errol Flynn”?–I paused–I thought–and responded—-
    “I guess we should call it Johnny Depp”!