Bodywise 2021


Participation Agreement

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You will need to have a Mind in Motion Become a Better Teacher (BABT) account to enroll in the Bodywise TEACHER’S PROGRAM.

  • If you are a Feldenkrais teacher or trainee but you do not have a free BABT account yet, you can request one by clicking here.

  • Participation is strictly limited to Feldenkrais teachers or trainees who have already studied professionally with Larry online or in person, either in teacher training programs or postgraduate courses. This includes participants in IDEAS IN ACTION, IT’S A LESSON, MASTERING THE METHOD, MENTORING MENTORS, RETURNING TO THE SOURCE, SPIFFER 101, THE TRILOGY, and WORKSHOPS THAT WORK.

If you have a BABT account and can’t enroll, please click here to send us a note letting us know which of the above programs you participated in, so that we can make it possible for you to sign up.