Judith Stransky


Recently I had the great pleasure to talk with the delightful Judith Stransky about her experience studying with Moshe Feldenkrais when he first came to the United States. Judith, who is both an Alexander teacher and a certified Awareness Through MovementⓇ teacher, is one of the unsung heroes in . . .   [Read more . . .]



Back when I taught my very first day-long public workshop, summer of 1982, almost no one knew who Moshe Feldenkrais was nor had they heard of about his method. When told people about what I teaching, the most common response was, “Felden-WHAT?” (To this day, I’m pretty sure the main reason anyone . . .   [Read more . . .]

What it means to have faith

what it means to have faith square

Some people would say I was a fool, taking such a big risk. Truth be told, I hadn't even considered that something could go wrong. Last month it was time for the trainees of the current Amsterdam Int'l Feldenkrais® Teacher Training to give hands-on–or Functional Integration® (FI®)–lessons to . . .   [Read more . . .]