20/20 in 2020

This coming January, the 8 AM Pacific time an AY a day online Feldenkrais® peer study group is going on its third Vision Quest. The 2020 series consists of 20 Awareness Through Movement® classes curated by NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) Feldenkrais® teacher and assistant trainer, Ellen Solloway, and contributed to by a couple of other members of the community.

The Quest begins promptly at 8:00 AM Pacific on the first of the year. This time around it will run 20 days in a row. Somehow doing 20 lessons over 20 days for 2020 sounds right, doesn’t it? 

If the time of day works out and you’re a teacher of the method or a trainee in an accredited program, you have what it takes to participate. I’m encouraging you to attend. I mean, what could be better than upgrading your vision at the start of the new decade?

Here’s a little known fact worth knowing: Whether it works for you to attend the 2020 Quest or not, you can still do the seriesThat’s because you can find the list of every ATM® in this year’s Quest at anayaday.org. It’ll only take a few clicks and a bit of scrolling. Here’s how:

  1. When you get to the webpage, you’ll see the current week’s 8:00 AM lessons followed by the schedule for the 6:00 PM (Pacific time).

  2. Scroll down the page further to find the link for the 8:00 AM sign-up page.

  3. Click on it, scroll to the beginning of January, and there you have them!

When I think about participating, I remember when I cleaned the windows in my bathroom. I knew it was time even though I didn’t quite know how badly they needed it. Well, not at least until I had gotten one of them cleaned up. Then — only then, only after I could make a comparison — did I realize just how I’d gotten used to just how dirty the window had gotten.

So, yes, I’ll definitely be doing the Quest. Because there’s something special about doing the lesson on my mat with those folks from all around the planet — and because the conversation with colleagues after the lesson can be as valuable as the lesson itself — you can bet that I’ll be participating live whenever my schedule permits. 

Can’t help but think it might be a good time to embody a new perspective and cleanse the windows to my soul. What about you?

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